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Ereas of experties


Founder Dynamics

One of the fundamental challenges of founding teams in competitive ecosystems as entrepreneurship is the interpersonal communication between members of the team; Having a constructive communication is the foundation, the base that allows our startup to scale.
ow do I criticize my team members constructively? How do we avoid ego within the team? How do we maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect? How do we make sure everyone is happy and fulfilled?
Finding the right answers for these questions are with huge significance for creating a balanced and harmonically working startup executive team



Team Due Diligence

Learning the unique dynamics of the startup founding team and its compatibility with the entrepreneurial path. My role in the VC due diligence process is to identify the individual's key characteristics in the objective to form winning teams, based on psychological theories and methods. The ultimate teaming allows founders to maximize their abilities and unique skills, to gradually become a harmonically-working unit

Performance Enhancement

Startup founders experience mental roller coasters on a daily basis, having to deal with constant shifts and changes, stress, endless expectations to execute and perform. Naturally, they in need of external mental resources to deal with the emotional overload, that comes with success.


Noa Matz, M.A

Social Psychologist

The ability of team members to work in unity and synchronization is an essential part of startup success and growth. To facilitate high performance and ongoing improvement of the team, it is essential to foster the proper mechanisms that aim to structure all communication and information flow in the team, as well as the proper codes of conduct. The main focus of my work is in developing efficient socio-economic motives, effective and harmonic teamwork, openness, and communication within startups teams.


"Noa was supportive, kind and empathetic towards everyone, breaking all the defensive barriers"

"Noa is really knowledgeable and professional and can influence one's mindset on teambuilding, communication, and the self"

"Noa brought a fresh and more psychological mindset. the program would be much less effective and professional without her"

"Thanks to Noa, we all became more open with each other.
At the end, that is her job, which she carried out well"

"This workshop - a boost of inspiration and  vision, is only a tiny sample of what she holds within her. She makes us prioritize better, do better, be better"

"I do not make a move without consulting Noa, I try to think of every detail for my team and ask her to identify my mistakes, and I consume her knowledge and proficiency with constant hunger"


Being the first employee in a startup company | Hebrew version

December 31, 2017

An article in which Noa Matz, the owner & Founder of TeamDiligent is being interviewed to 'Calcalist' newspaper about the significance of the first few employees in a startup company.

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These are the red flags that investors will look for in your start-up| Hebrew version

January 27, 2018

About half of the failures of start-ups are attributed to the dynamics of the founding team. In the article, Noa Matz, Founder of TeamDiligent, explains why regular DD must be accompanied by a close examination of the team itself.

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Startup Stadium | Interview for 'High-Tech in Traffic' radio program (Hebrew).

February 14, 2018

Talked about the importance of Team Due Diligence for investors in early-stage startups and methods for collecting data

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